T1 - Extraterrestrial mineralogy

Fluids in planets Julie CASTILLO ROGEZ, Sergey SMIRNOV, Robert J. BODNAR, Pavel Yu. PLECHOV
Mineralogy of Mars Erwin DEHOUCK, Benjamin BULTEL, William RAPIN, Joseph RAZZELL HOLLIS, Nathalie BOLFAN CASANOVA, Olivier BEYSSAC, Agnès COUSIN, Arya UDRY
Solar system materials - studies of landed, orbital, and returned mission samples and meteorites / Understanding planetary materials and processes via analog, simulated, and theoretical studies on Earth Ozge OZGUREL, Shogo TACHIBANA, Mara MURRI, Anna BARBARO, Shaunna MORRISON, Kerstin LEHNERT, Luca BINDI, Oliver TSCHAUNER


T2 - Planetary interiors

Mineralogy at extreme conditions Ioannis BAZIOTIS, Ludovic FERRIERE, Alan WOODLAND, Michel GREGOIRE, Magdalena MATUSIAK, Costanza BONADIMAN, Catherine MCCAMMON, Martha PAMATO, Paola COMODI, Bruno REYNARD, Jac VAN DRIEL, Lidunka VOCADLO, Haiyang LUO, Guy LIBOUREL, Hans-Peter SCHERTL, Samuel ANGIBOUST
Minerals and rocks under stress: a way to unravel geological processes Mattia Luca MAZZUCCHELLI, Nicola CAMPOMENOSI, José Alberto PADRÓN NAVARTA
Nanoscale contributions to terrestrial and extraterrestrial mineralogy Anne-Magali SEYDOUX GUILLAUME, Lee WHITE
Projecting Mineral Elasticity Across Scales and Disciplines Johannes BUCHEN, Nicki SIERSCH
Volatiles in planetary interiors Toru INOUE, Hélène BUREAU


T3 - Minerals, systematics, gems, collections

Advances in mineral data resources and infrastructure Anirudh PRABHU
Data-driven mineralogy research J ZHANGZHOU, Maurizio PETRELLI, Charles LE LOSQ
Diamond mineralogy and carbon in solar system Lydie BONAL, Daniel HUMMER, Stefan FARSANG, Bjoern WINKLER, Fabrizio NESTOLA
Gemstones from the deep: A Celebration of the career of George E. Harlow Tatsuki TSUJIMORI
Haüy 200 Years On: What News In Gem Research? Isabella PIGNATELLI, Lee A. GROAT, Gaston GIULIANI
Mineral Classification: Archetypes, Species, and Natural Kinds Carol CLELAND
Mineralogy and gemology in Cultural Heritage Gerard PANCZER, Ina REICHE
Mineralogy and Museums Mike RUMSEY, Cristiano FERRARIS, Kim TAIT
New Minerals, Nomenclature, and Classification Frederic HATERT, Marco PASERO
On the labyrinthine world of open-framework minerals: occurrence, crystal-chemistry, properties and utilization G. Diego GATTA, Paolo LOTTI, Georgia CAMETTI, David BISH
Symmetry breaking in minerals Ross John ANGEL, Tiziana BOFFA BALLARAN


T4 - The dynamical world of minerals

Mineral spectroscopy Jannick INGRIN, Melanie KALIWODA, Yan YANG, Giovanni B. ANDREOZZI, Barbara L. DUTROW, Jin ZHANG, Xin ZHONG, Jennifer JACKSON, Andrey KORSAKOV
Mineral-fluid interactions Raphaël MELIS, Kate KISEEVA, Benjamin RONDEAU, Fang XIA, Vasileios MAVROMATOS, Anna HARRISON
Theoretical and Computational Mineral Physics Jun TSUCHIYA, Razvan CARACAS, Sebastian RITTERBEX, Bijaya KARKI
Vibrational mineralogy - in memoriam of Paul McMillan Isabelle DANIEL, Rachael HAZAEL


T5 - Environmental mineralogy, biomineralogy

Biomineralogy, biogeochemical cycles, environmental mineralogy Lu XINACAI, Giovanni DE GIUDICI, Kareen HUDSON EDWARDS, Kevin ROSSO, Jurai MAIZLAN
Formation, transformation, and biogeochemical processes of mineral nanocrystals in Earth‘s surface environment Juan LIU


T6 - Applied, ore, and industrial mineralogy

Chromite, chromitites and their inclusions: from hot to cold and shallow to deep Tomo MORISHITA
Mineralization and mineralizing environments: Exploring mineral paragenesis Shaunna MORRISON, Bob HAZEN
New frontiers in the study of hazardous raw and man-processed minerals, characterization and methods for the mitigation of the environmental and health risks Alessandro GUALTIERI, Paolo BALLIRANO, Alessandro PACELLA, Laurie GLOSSOP
Ore mineralogy and trace elements Malte JUNGE
Precious metals and associated minerals: developments in their characterization Jussi LIIPO, Anna VYMAZALOVA, Tapio HALKOAHO


T7 - Mineralogy and petrology

Serpentinites and beyond Isabella PIGNATELLI, Enrico MUGNAIOLI, José Alberto PADRÓN NAVARTA, Oliver PLÜMPER, Samuel ANGIBOUST
Unravelling low-temperature mineralogy from atomic-scale approaches Marc BLANCHARD, Julie AUFORT, Encarnación RUIZ AGUDO
Redox state and properties in mineralogy and geochemistry Roberto MORETTI, Daniel NEUVILLE



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